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Induction Heater

Complete and ready to use Lupson Electronics 15 KW 30-80 KHz High-Frequency Induction Heater with chiller & Handset.


Automotive, Construction, Farming, Industrial, Fabrication.

Flameless heat reduces the need for torches, solvents and abrasives, therefore, reducing potential safety hazards. This machine is nearly 3 times more powerful than induction heating systems available on the market.

Key Features:

  • Heating Temperature up to 1200 °C
  • With constant current and constant power control function which greatly optimize the heating process of metals.
  • With a 100% load design, it can work 24 hours non-stop.
  • Three-stage function, heating – insulating – cooling setting. The heating and insulating time required can accommodate batches and repeated heating situations. Great for production.
  • With multiple status display of overflow, over voltage, low water, phase failure and load malfunction, providing higher reliability and sustainability.
  • The machine has to be wired directly into the mains by a fully qualified electrician.
  • 5-metre power cable included.

All prices exclude VAT and come with FREE delivery

Once power is connected, the machine is all set up and ready to go. Fast, effortless removal of Emblems, Bonded body components, Rusty nuts & bolts, bearings/races, Pins, Gears, Pulleys, Exhausts, Windscreens, Decals, Bump strips, Door skins, Paint and much more. This fantastic product has also been used to melt glass!

The Package includes the full set up made up of: LE15000 15KW Induction heater, Cooling system, Foot pedal, Handset, One coil, 5 metre power cabl and 5 litre De-ionised water. All coils are available from us, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Use only the recommended High Purity De-Ionised Water for the cooling system. We are able to supply this on an ad-hoc basis.