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Commercial Vehicle ABS/EBS Tester

This tool is specifically designed to test the wheel speed sensors of ABS and EBS sensors.
The procedure to use the tool is very simple, just plug into the sensor, press the on switch, wait for sensor ‘ok’ to light, then spin the vehicle wheel.

This tests the air gap and for missing exciter ring teeth and also for wheel wobble. The most comprehensive but simple to use abs tester on the market.

The handheld unit tests for the six most common EBS and ABS faults:

– Correct Ohms resistance
– Open circuit
– Short circuit
– Pole ring tooth damage
– Pole ring misalignment
– Sensor gap measurement

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The results of the above tests can be read within 15 seconds and there is no need to take the wheel of the vehicle saving a lot of time. No road testing required.

This product comes with the following:

Lupson Electronics ABS/EBS Tester Unit,
 9V battery (which will already be fitted), Robust carry case for ABS/EBS unit
 + 1.6m of high-quality cable