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Trailer Socket Tester

Lupson Electronics 13 Pin Euro Trailer Socket Wiring Tester for Classes 3, 4, 5 & 7. This product is used to test the electrical trailer sockets that are fitted to vehicles with tow-bars. If the sockets are faulty, secondary lights fitted to the trailer or caravan may not work.

The LETST-100 trailer socket tester can check the individual output from each pin in the socket to determine its operation. Lupson electronics have introduced this model capable of testing both 13-pin and 7-pin trailer sockets (7 pin Adaptor sold separately).

This model is designed and manufactured in the UK with reliability and durability in mind and is fitted with 5 metres of high quality shielded cable.

The LETST-100 features a test button with bright LED indicators to signify correct output when the vehicle controls are operated. The LEDs can be tested by pressing the test button allowing the operator to ensure the tool is functioning correctly prior to testing a vehicle.

Key Features

– Manufactured in the UK
– Additional non-MOT features (+12V/24V Reverse, Ignition)
– Easy-clean keypad
– Robust handheld case
– Long-life LEDs
– 5m heavy duty cable
– 7-pin test capability
– High-quality glow plug tester



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