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Glow Plug Tester

This simple yet essential glow plug testing tool only takes between 3-6 seconds to check if each plug resistance works correctly, depending on the type of glow plug it’s checking in your engine block.

The display uses LEDs to indicate 1 of 6 status codes – Short, Open, OK, Test Low AMPs, Test High AMPs, and Battery Low.

It gives vital information on the state and performance – testing at 6/17amps voltage.

  • Great for Diesel Engine testing
  • Easy to use on spark plugs
  • Detects short circuits in your glow plug relay
  • Vehicle spark/glow plug testing
  • Reliable & Simple interface
  • Accurate diagnostics
  • Works with preheated and cold start

Please note this is only to be used on 12 volt DC systems.
Another great tool designed and manufactured by us that will help to save you time and perform crucial ignition checks on diesel vehicles.


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